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. everyone right now with clouds here from santa rosa down to san jose and we're also noting an onshore wind. 5 to 10 miles per hour. that was good enough to help cool our temperatures down mainly with widespread 60s at this hour. let's get you live outside on this monday. you can see those areas of mid and low level clouds here across san jose. kind of a beautiful picture. we've had so much sunshine this year we get any clouds like this and it's a nice change for us. also in san francisco, it's gray. we do have winds 5 to 15 miles per hour but most importantly for tonight if you do have plans it is going to stay dry. a real interesting pattern shaping up. the storm system really hasn't been this size getting this close to us for probably a month, month and a half at this point. a huge area of low pressure soeshl associated with a cold front dropping in the pacific. we also have subtropical moisture tapping in from hawaii streaming in. there's a lot of dynamics with this that would ordinarily provide us with a strong storm system but the one thing that's going to be lacking is strong upper l
with 38 in santa rosa, 39 in napa, 42 in san jose and 43 in los gatos. some of this wind should also keep that fog away as he head into the morning. throughout saturday it looks good, temperatures right near what we experienced for today. 70 in san jose, 69 in los gatos, also 68 in santa krocruz. also looks really good back here toward the east bay. if you've got your kids with some sort of sport happening this weekend, great weather. just remember from spf, temperatures in the low 70s in walnut creek, danville and livermore. san francisco 65, 70 in santa rosa. remember your jacket if you've headed to the coastline. we're expecting 59 in bodega bay. santa cruz will be the one spot that gets a little bit warmer as we head throughout saturday. numbers in the upper 60s. santa cruz tucked back away and that's why they tend to get warmer. sunday and monday temperatures in the low 70s inland. then throughout next week we'll notice some changes. numbers cooling off and we'll get some rain back in throughout wednesday, thursday and friday. nothing big wednesday and thursday, just a slight chance
of life, he's certainly setting a good example. >>> hundreds of people gathered at a church in santa rosa this afternoon to remember a teenage boy who was hit and killed at a racetrack last weekend. the family of 14-year-old marcus johnson held a private funeral yesterday and today was a chance for the community to participate as well. johnson was killed when his 17-year-old cousin spun out of control during a pre-race warm-up last weekend. a 68-year-old man was also killed. he owned another race car at that track. today johnson's family, friends, teachers, and coaches shared their memories as they grieved a young life lost too soon. >> i know several of the players, one of them i liked immediately was marcus. he stood out because of his friendly demeanor and hard work ethic. >> johnson was an eighth grader at rincon valley middle school in santa rosa. his family says his dream of all dreams was to drive a ferrari formula one race car on tracks around the world. >>> this evening, the chp is trying to figure out what a man was doing on an open freeway when he was hit by a car and killed. t
. five to ten degrees cooler in santa rosa. also napa and back to livermore and fairfield anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler. current numbers running in the 50s outside right now. let's get you to that live hd sky camera network. you can see the cloud cover in san jose. the sun is trying to come on out. you do get breaks of sunshine in the south bay. take you off to the north, another beautiful sky shot in palo alto with a wide mix of clouds here. clouds about 10,000 feet this afternoon. a lot of you able to see good there with unlimited visibility. look straight up and you had that cloud cover. san francisco beautiful. even blue sky mixed in as well. let's get you into the current weather pattern. we'll see drastic changes that will eventually here start to lower that pollen forecast. that's the good news. even a little bit of drizzle in this onshore flow will help us quite a bit this week. we have cold front sitting offshore. that's going to continue to move in tonight. no big-time rainfall with this. the most marked change we do expect as we head throughout tuesday, wednesday, thu
we'll go with 48 in santa rosa, 49 in san jose, and daytime highs on wednesday, cooler down in the low 60s here in san jose, 62, 63 in los gatos and also 60 in the castro valley, 62 in pleasanton, 62 in walnut creek. upper 50s to 60 in san francisco. dry weather returns on thursday into friday, sunshine is back, temperatures warm up for this weekend as we get mid-70s into sunday afternoon. that pollen will start to surge back up there as well. so for right now showers developing tonight and lingering at least through the early afternoon off and on through tomorrow. >> thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. >>> apparently too revealing for downward dog, that's the word from lululemon. the company is recalling most of their black yoga pants for being too sheer. the vancouver-based company says an issue with a supplier resulted in the nearly see-through black yoga pants. they've since been pulled and the company is offering a full refund or exchange for anyone who bought them. the recalled pants have a tighter fitting silhouette and were sold between march 1st and march 16th. back
with the onshore flow. north bay, 71 in napa, 72 in santa rosa. 68 in san francisco. three-day forecast, the clouds back in for monday. tuesday, we will start to see the cloud activity hug the coast. and drizzle will be with us at least tuesday night into wednesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, even for saturday, there's a good chance of showers. this is not a major storm, but it is going to give us at least another quarter inch. you know, at this point, terry, every little drop is very necessary, especially since we've been the driest on record since 1957. >> i think you did ease the fears of winemakers in livermore. >> hopefully. >> thanks. >>> let's bring in mindi bach with a look at sports. >> hi, good to see you. the a's not kind. the bay area teams meet for the second time this spring, but when we come back, cal looking to make the sweet 16 for the first time in 16 years. we'll be live from hp pavilion. the bear prepared for their showdown with syracuse next. >>> do you remember 1997, what you were doing back then? that's the last time the cal men's basketball team reached the sweet 16. it's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6